Are your hiring needs so large that Recruiting has become Your core competency?

WHEN should you use Recruiting Experts to help?

Here are a series of considerations when trying to decide when it is the best time for your organization to use the services of a professional recruiting and candidate lead sourcing firm. This covers when to build your own recruiting capability in-house, reasons for hiring or outsourcing parts of your process to a professional firm and what to look for when choosing the right firm for your unique needs.

Reasons to recruit on your own:

1. Top management views recruiting as a core competence because of unique skills required by in-house recruiters.
2. Ongoing hiring needs (not excessive turnover) justify developing and maintaining recruiting expertise.
3. Capable HR management has the budget and executive support to maintain recruiting expertise.
4. Strong referral and networking systems make hiring professionals unnecessary.
5. Management stability and workload allow your company to find quality candidates and fill positions on time at low cost with minimal disruption to managers’ daily duties.
Reasons to use a Professional Recruiting Firm
1. Recruiting is not viewed as a core competence by top management.
2. Desire to keep overhead costs low.
3. Significant cost savings are possible with non-traditional recruiters that use the power of the Internet.
4. Lack of internal recruiting expertise.
5. Recruiting needs are not being met internally, and the cost to develop this expertise is significant.
6. Reduce overburdened managers’ hiring responsibilities from all recruiting activities to key selection activities: reviewing job profiles, conducting final interviews, and exchanging information with other interviewers to select only candidates that will perform and fit in the organization.
7. Leverage the investments in people and systems at professional recruiters.
8. Tap recruiters’ extended networks of qualified candidates.
9. Benefit from experts’ outsider perspective on critical business issues.
10. Use recruiters knowledge and training resources to improve your job profiles and managers’ interview system.
11. Improve recruiting speed.
12. Improve employee performance by finding more and higher quality candidates.
If you are considering using a professional recruiting firm, look for the following capabilities:

Recruiting expertise: Do they have the people and the systems to deliver qualified people at a great value?

Selection expertise: If your selection process needs improvement, select a recruiting firm that can help you improve the process and deliver the qualified candidates you need.

Business experience: If you have recruiting issues and aren’t just looking to lower your costs, do they have broad business experience and seasoned judgment or are they just commissioned salespeople?

Recruiting Options that fit your needs: Can they tailor a service to your needs or do they try to sell you what they have?

Speed: Can they understand your business needs quickly and deliver the service you need?

Reach: Can they recruit in all the areas you need?

Value: Does their cost structure and business model deliver incredible value?

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