HRHQ provides a targeted, non-exclusive candidate resume delivery service our clients. We endeavor to provide the best quality service and are continually optimizing our system.

1.) Set-up & Payment Schedule

HRHQ is prepared to begin providing candidate leads five (5) business days following the acceptance of the application for service, completion of the setup process necessary by both parties, and receipt of payment of the initial set up fee.

Once HRHQ receives a Sign-Up Form, we will send a reply email to confirm your request and to ensure that your geography and candidate selection are correct. When you receive your first leads, it is important to make sure you review them and make sure they match your search criteria. (For example, if you only receive a few leads, you might consider widening the geography or broadening the search criteria to attract a wider group of candidates.)

Each sourcing set-up consists of 25 zip or postal codes. If you require more zip or postal codes, please contact your sales representative.

You have 30 days from the sign-up date to modify your filter without charge.

After 30 days, there is a $95 charge for any non-administrative filter modifications.

HRHQ endeavors to fill all sourcing orders on a calendar monthly basis. The timing for the invoicing and the minimum monthly fee for the generation of candidate resumes will be defined in the client's service agreement.

2.) Accountabilities

HRHQ accountabilities are:
• Adherence to agreed upon deadlines
• Meeting or exceeding your satisfaction criteria (defined in the initial setup meeting)
• Providing you with candidate leads that meet your criteria.
• Monitoring and reporting regularly.

The Client's accountabilities are:
• Completing the preparation of the client response process before HRHQ starts the sourcing process.
• Timely follow up with the prospects – e.g.: 2 business days.
• To provide access to key individuals at mutually convenient dates and times.
• Provision of all information, job descriptions, profiles, and work in process that has a bearing on the project for initial setup and ongoing modifications.
• Payment in conformance with the terms in this agreement.

Our joint accountabilities include the following:
• We will alert each other of anything we learn that may materially affect the success of this project (for example, mergers, key people leaving, unable to access key individuals)
• We will respect each other’s confidentiality and proprietary materials and approaches.
• We will achieve reasonable notice for conflicts, unforeseen events, and other priorities.


Recently there has been some confusion in regards to resumes sent out that clients believe should qualify for a refund. In order to clear up any misunderstandings, HRHQ would like to present the following:

Acceptable reasons for a refund:

• If HRHQ inadvertently sends you a duplicate candidate resume. A duplicate resume is a resume lead that has been sent twice to the same client by HRHQ.
• If the address on the candidate lead’s resume is outside of the area subscribed to by the client.
• If the qualifications set out on the lead’s resume do not meet the criteria predetermined to be acceptable by HRHQ

Should HRHQ make any mistake that would constitute an acceptable refund, please inform us as soon as possible so we can make the change to your bill accordingly. Please include the specific reason as to why it is an acceptable refund and include all relevant information (in the case of a duplicate, the date the original was sent).

Not Acceptable reason for a refund:

• If the lead has already been sent to, or contacted by, another company. Please remember that all leads are sent out at the same time to all of HRHQ’s clients. As clients are free to select the geography that is most appropriate for them, it is possible that the same lead could be sent to more than one client and, accordingly, that one HRHQ client could contact a lead first. As HRHQ sends out all leads at the same time, it is in each client's best interest to contact potential leads as soon as possible.
• If the lead’s resume has been acquired by the client through another source.
• If the lead has been contacted (or offered employment) by another potential employer.
• If the candidate's stated objective does not match your job opening. Our software can not interpret a candidate's objective and therefore it can not search based on it.

4.) Cancellation

HRHQ requires 30 days notification to cancel a filter from the date of cancellation. Any resumes received during this time will be billed accordingly.

5.) Modification

HRHQ reserves the right in our sole discretion to change, edit or delete any policies, documents, information or other content appearing on the Site at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to read our terms of service. Hopefully this will clarify any concerns and minimize any potential discrepancies. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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